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So, it’s the New Year (well, it was).  I start a new blog.  Plan to devote lots of time to it.

One week after my first post, my husband loses his job  (Well, we knew he would lose his job because he doesn’t work for the New Administration.  Rather, he worked for the Old Administration.  Questions?  Email me.).

So, said husband needs the laptop every day all day to look for a new job.

My blog gets ignored because I have no access to my laptop.

So, for the 4 of you that do still come everyday to see if I’ve written anything new, please keep coming back.

Say some prayers that my husband finds a new job in short order, and no, not just because I miss my blogging (though I do).  Rather, me and the 4 kiddos would like to continue to eat and live under our current roof.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the snow.

Until my husband sleeps again and I can peel my laptop out of his curled fingers perched on the keyboard….

Peace out.


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